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As a DAS partner, you will have access to the world’s leading access control and surveillance technologies. DAS partners outperform the competition and deliver next-level security solutions for clients and customers, and we're here to support you with our expertise and services.

Benefit from partnering with the best
Access the world's leading security vendors

Tap into world-class access control and surveillance vendors, including Aritech, Axis Communications, Dahua, IDIS, Milestone, Mobotix, and many more.

Get advice and help from industry experts
Leverage the DAS team's expertise to help you provide the right advice and tailored, targeted solutions for your clients and customers.
Hone your expertise with technical training
Upskill your team and gain hands-on experience with key hardware, either in our specialised training rooms or via remote video conference.
Boost outcomes with pre- and post-sales support
Design and maintain total security solutions and navigate complex integrations with the support of our growing Technical Services team.
We are here for you
DAS is customer-centric and focused on building and developing strong long-term relationships with our partner base to help you grow your business.

Our engagement model

When you become a DAS partner, you'll be connected with your local sales pod. This pod is a team of 2-3 people who will help you manage your projects and find the products and solutions you need at DAS. It includes your account manager, as well as an internal sales representative (ISR) who will work together to support you.
Our ISR team is spread out across Australia, so no matter where you're based, your ISR will be local to you. You can contact either your ISR or your account manager directly for personalised customer service and direct engagement with your queries. Your ISR will step in when your account manager is on the road, to make sure we get back to you as quickly as possible.”

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Once you get started on your application you'll need to have the following close by to help you complete the process quicker:

  • Your driver's license
  • Your company's registration information including ABN
  • Full information about your company Directors, including their mobile phone number
  • Information about the markets your business services
  • Trade references for us to contact to verify your business
  • A witness to verify your signature
  • If trading as Trustee company, you must put the Corporate Trustee Name and ABN# / ACN# and provide a copy of the “Record of Registration" for the Business Name

If you're applying from overseas, please email and request an application form.

*By choosing to partner with DAS you are creating a trading account with Dicker Data (Parent Company). You are bound by the Terms and Conditions of Dicker Data. 


Thanks for choosing to sign up with DAS. Our team are here to help you deliver the best security solutions and we can’t wait to get started with you.

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