DAS Training


Our team of technical training experts have years of experience offering technical training courses designed to upskill you to meet all industry standards. With newly-developed hybrid courses now available, along with updated facilitated face-to-face courses, we are offering more training than ever before across all of our key brands.
Whether you're looking to learn new skills in Access Control, Intrusion Alarms, or Surveillance products — or just want to hone your expertise in certain products or solutions — DAS Training can help.
We also offer end-user, operational, and customised technical training on an ad hoc basis, tailored to meet your specific needs. To find out more, visit our DAS Training Portal.

Technical certification courses

There are many benefits to taking a technical certification course through DAS:

  • Train to industry standard levels
  • Gain hands-on experience with hardware
  • Raise any questions you have, and the DAS technical team will source an answer
  • Some job sites require DAS technical certification to work on them

Gain hands-on experience

Unlike other virtual or self-paced training options, DAS technical certification courses contain practical exercises with hardware supplied for each individual.

When you train with DAS, we will loan you a hands-on training kit for the duration of your course. You can also choose to purchase your training kit, which includes hardware you can repurpose or sell on to your end users after your course is completed.

End user, operational, & custom training

If you have a specific training need — for example, you are installing a system and your end user needs to know how to use it — DAS is here to help. We will discuss your desired outcomes, and then tailor a personalised training session to your needs.

Our custom sessions may include specially-created training materials. They are targeted to supply training for your specific end users, without requiring complete technical knowledge of the entire installation on their part.

Hybrid training environments

Our trainers deliver sessions from one training room, which is connected via video conferencing systems to all of our training rooms in branches across the nation. This allows you to attend in person at the DAS branch nearest you — or to dial in from your own home or office.

If you are attending your training session in person, all full-day training sessions at DAS branches include lunch.

If you are not attending in person, you can pick up any relevant hands-on training kits from your local branch before your session.

Get started today

Begin your upskilling journey by creating your individual account on the DAS Training portal.
With this account, you can browse our course library, register for upcoming courses, and maintain your personal training records for easy future reference.